{  Suspended Scaffolding & Temporary Work Platforms }

Suspended Scaffolding & Temporary Work Platforms

Suspended Scaffolding & Temporary work platforms1 Priority Coating & Bridge Painting can provide its own access equipment and temporary work platforms. Access equipment can include mobile scissor and boom lifts with reach between 40’ and 180’ as well as Hydra Platforms, Snoopers, and over the rail, under-bridge access equipment. These are used when working over roadways, freeways, railroads and smaller creeks and rivers. For large bodies of water and navigable waterways, lifts can be mounted on barges.

When the use of traditional lifting equipment and under-bridge access equipment is not possible, 1 Priority has the supplies and expertise to provide customized engineered suspended cable scaffolding and temporary work platforms directly beneath bridges. These are excellent options when containment is required when working over large bodies of water, when working on wide lane bridges and from elevated bridges not accessible by ground-based lifting equipment.

Suspended work decks are also constructed as debris catches either for bridge prep and repairs or for bridge deck demolition activities.