{  About 1 Priority }

1 Priority Environmental Services is pleased to announce the formation of its new company-wide division
1 Priority Coating & Bridge Painting.

This coating and bridge painting division began operations in 2020 and is overseen by Division Manager Clay Bennett, a 31-year veteran of the bridge painting industry.

Environmental Services
Bridge Painting

Certifications, expertise and industry experience include:

  • SSPC C-5 Competent Person for Deleading of Industrial Structures
  • SSPC QP-1 and QP-2 certification programs
  • Hazard Recognition Training
  • Estimating and sales for state and federally funded bridge painting projects in 12 states.
  • Project management and daily schedules
  • Negotiating and securing contracts
  • Development and implementation of company and field management safety programs
  • Development and maintenance of quality control programs

Our Specialties

Lead Paint Abatement for Bridges

Lead Abatement

We can lead abate bridges and other structures. After abatement we can recoat with the appropriate coating or paint.

Bridge & Structure Painting

Bridge & structure painting

We offer new steel painting. We also offer new and existing concrete painting. This includes all types of blasting and prep needed to meet the specification.

Suspended Scaffolding

Suspended Scaffolding & Temporary work platforms

We offer cable and decking type work platforms/scaffolds for under bridge access over water or elevated structures.

Encapsulation & Overcoating

Encapsulation & Overcoating

We can abate or encapsulate/overcoat bridges and other structural steel. We offer hand tool spot abatement and water blasting to meet all specifications for restoration or aesthetic.